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  • 3.96MW Distributed PV Power Station was installed in Dongguan, Guangdong.
  • Country:China
  • System Size: BG 33KTR
  • Inverter Model: 3.96MW

The 2.5MW distributed power station is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong province, which covered about 45000 square meters of Maggie Canning factory.
  • Application to 1.1MW Distributed Power Station in Nantong City of Jiangsu province
  • Country:China
  • System Size:BG 30KTR
  • Inverter Model: 1.1MW

A 1.1MW distributed PV power system has been installed at factory rooftop in Jiangsu since 2014, which can take the most of factory rooftop resources, for example, it help reduces the emission of fossil so as to protect our environment from pollution. What’s more, the factory improves their work efficiency due to stable and constant electricity supply by private generation.
  • A commercial rooftop power station, 225KW
  • Country:Hungary
  • System Size:INVT iMars BG 30KTR,BG 15KTR
  • Inverter Model: 225KW

This project connected to grid on July 2017, which is a commercial power sation. And it will bring not only good economic benefits, but also apparent social benefits.
  • 300KW Distributed PV Power Station was installed in Melbourne
  • Country:Australia
  • System Size:iMars BG 30KTR
  • Inverter Model: 300KW

This system was installed at 20th July, 2017, in Burwood Melbourne, which adopts 10 sets of INVT iMars BG 30KTR inverters, and its total size is 300KW.
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