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  • Application to 2MW Above-Ground Power Station in Hami
  • Country:
  • System Size:
  • Inverter Model:

This 2MW above-ground PV power station, made up of two 1MW subsystems, is located in Hami Prefecture.
  • Application to 300KW Distributed Power Station in Changping District
  • Country:Beijing,China
  • System Size:BG20KTR x 15pcs
  • Inverter Model: 300KW

The 300KW distributed rooftop power station has been connected to public grid since September, 2014. It adopts 15 sets of iMars BG20KTR inverters...
  • Application of INVT BG30KTR Inverter to 480KW PV Power Station in Zhuhai
  • Country:Zhuhai,China
  • System Size:BG30KTR x 17pcs
  • Inverter Model: 480KW

Recently, the 480KW PV power station has been completed in WST Industrial Park at Jinding Town of Zhuhai. This PV power station adopts 17 sets of BG30KTR inverters...
  • Residential , Rooftop
  • Country:Perth, Australia
  • System Size:2.2kW
  • Inverter Model: iMars BG2 K2TL x 1

It is a residential power system on a house rooftop.
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