1.03MW Distributed Rooftop Solar Station to the Governmental office
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1.03MW Distributed Rooftop Solar Station to the Governmental office in Wenzhou City



    System Capacity: 1.03MW

  Inverter: INVT iMars BG 30KTR, BG 20KTR,BG 15KTR

  Quantity: 28 sets

  Application: Governmental Office

  Location: Zhejiang, China


  The project, is a 1.03MW distributed rooftop power station for governmental administration center, has been installed in Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province. It adopts 28 sets of INVT iMars BG30KTR solar inverters, 8 sets of BG20KTR and 2 sets of BG15KTR solar inverters, which then connected to grid in March 2016.



  This system adopts 36 pcs of 255Wp polycrystalline silicon solar modules covering on the 8 rooftops of administration center, with 15 or 20 modules as a bunch and 4-6 bunches are respectively connected to BG15KTR, BG30KTR MPPTs. The output will access the original distribution unit of the house after passing through AC combiner box and goes into user distribution box. Actually, this power station has realized power generation and power consumption for private, and balance to Internet.








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