Application to 1.4MW Grounded solar power system
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Application to 1.4MW Grounded solar power system


Data: 2017.06.07

Capacity: 1.4MW

Location: Fujian,  China

This 1.4MW power system adopts 4446pcs of 15wp pv  modules, and 42 sets of INVT Solar BG 33KTR solar inverters. When it was grid  connected on June 7th,2017, the project was in work and remote  monitoring is arrowed for the GPRS monitoring modules were connected by every  inverter.


The Jiahan electricity technology company earns  added profits by renting their factory to install a solar power  system.

This power station has high power generation up to  15million to 16mollion KWh every year, and the annual return will be up to about  15million yuan.

The solar power system not only has good economic  benefits, but also helps to product our environment, for example, it can reduce  408 tons of carbon dust, 1495.5 tons of carbon dioxide and so on. What’s more,  it’s a good way to promote the construction of green electricity net and  optimize the energy structure

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