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The 2018 INVT Annual Awards Ceremony and the 2019 Welcome Party Ended Perfectly

On January 16th, 2019, all the staffs and leaders of INVT group gathered together. 2018 INVT Annual Awards Ceremony and the 2019 Welcome Party was successfully held at the Gems Cube International Hotel in Shenzhen. The banquet hall was filled with lights in a peaceful atmosphere. The party kicked off slowly opened.

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The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Huang Shenli, President of INVT Group. He said: " For the INVT people, the year of 2018 is not only outstanding but also unforgettable, whether it is because of the restriction of national policies on enterprises, or the decline in industry demand and the increasingly fierce competition in the market environment.  I believe that as long as we are in the vision of becoming the world's leading and respected supplier of products and services in the field of industrial control, we will adhere to the ‘market-oriented, customer-centric' business philosophy, continuously increase investment in R&D resources, improve product performance and ease of use, and constantly meet the individual needs of customers, and ultimately we will gain market recognition. Because of the challenges, our hearts are even more fearless and united, our beliefs are more determined. The future is coming, and INVT will "Leaving Behind Past, Marching Toward Future"
      Up to now, INVT has made great achievements and achieved remarkable results. Although it has suffered through hardships, INVT still has no ambition. Mr. Huang expressed his thanks to all of the INVT‘s partners for a long time, and thanked all the guests of the INVT, as always, for their help and understanding of INVT. With their hard work to lay status and reputation of the INVT today at home and abroad. Thanks for all of the INVT family in 2018.

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Today is a happy day. We are grateful for 2018, and we are full of enthusiasm for 2019. It’s that we are making a congratulatory message for every INVT family in 2019. I hope everyone will be very happy, good health, happiness, and good luck in the new year."

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At the party, INVT selected dozens of winners such as “Marketing Elite, Outstanding Newcomer, Excellent Employee, Excellent Management of the Year, Bauhinia Award”. These awards are the inspiration and gratitude of INVT for their hard work. As Mr. Huang said, "I am very lucky to have you, and INVT is very lucky." This mutual achievement and gratitude is the best testimony to the good relationship between INVT and employees. We also believe that INVT will have a bright future.
      For this annual event, various subsidiaries and group departments have also worked together to carefully prepare essays, dances, songs and other exciting programs. Each of them exudes a youthful atmosphere, full of vigor and vitality, bringing the most touching songs and the most beautiful dance to the family of INVT, which is wonderful and beautiful.

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The annual lottery of the annual meeting has always been the most anticipated part of everyone, and this year is no exception. After several rounds of awards, hundreds of INVT colleagues became the lucky ones of this night.  Other colleagues on the scene also gained joy and laughter in this rich atmosphere.

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The party was nearing the end, and I believed that every family of INVT was full of emotions. Under the leadership of INVT group leader, a "Blessing" resounded through every corner of the scene and sang into everyone's heart.

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Goodbye 2018, welcome 2019.

Finally,INVT bless everyone a happy family, happiness and health in the new year.

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