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INVT Became Full Names Listing Holder Australia 2016


Following the successful name listing in Australia last month, INVT got new listing this month; all single-phase and three-phase series and models have been fully listed, thus far INVT has become the full names listing holder Australia 2016.




At present, the photovoltaic market in Australia is very good; it's stated that the solar generating capacity was up to 5 GW in Australia in 2015 that occupied 9% of total generating capacity (56 GW). Therefore, more and more manufacturers focus and develop their business in Australia, but many of them hasn't listed their products in Australia or removed from the list as the products failed to comply with the latest safety regulations, and some of them only listed part of models. In comparison with those competitors, INVT boasts unrivaled advantages as it has gotten the great support from the Australian government, user may get government subsidy after being installed. It also indicates that INVT is a trustworthy supplier and can provide safe, reliable, stable and efficient inverters and solutions for users.



INVT On-Site Installation in Australia


Since its establishment and independent development of the first industrial inverter in 2002, INVT has fifteen years of experience in research and development of inverters. As a top-ranking brand, INVT strives for new breaks in technology and dedicates to high performance, high quality and high efficiency photovoltaic inverters as well as full set of solutions to contribute to the environmental protection and energy saving of the world. Its products have been well sold in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.

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