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INVT Awarded 2016 By Solarstar® The “Top 10 String Inverter Brands”


In November 2016, Solarstar® awarded the TOP 10 string inverter brands in Beijing.  Based on its outstanding design and high efficiency, INVT has got the most favorable feedback from market. INVT honored once again, and the General Manager of INVT Solar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu, Jianfeng attended the awards ceremony.




Solarstar® is concentrated in the photovoltaic field, supplying the industry news and analysis for the photovoltaic professionals. It is a photovoltaic business interactive platform with 200,000 members covering all of the related fields. It is the most influential and most well-known network in the photovoltaic in China.


The awarded of &"Top 10 String Inverter Brands&" was voting publicly via internet by the users. The result of voting was sharing their true experience and understanding to the brands. INVT gained this reward that was recognized by its excellent quality as well as brand strength.




PV business is the most important part of INVT electric power products and service, which is committed to provide the most stable solar inverters to the world.


BG and MG series inverter are widely installed in China, Europe, and Australia, America and more than 60 countries and regions.  With a long time of market test, the band wins highly commended by customers. Recently, INVT new series BG 50-60kW photovoltaic inverter is attracted market attention since its first launch to the market.




iMars BG series three-phase grid-tied solar inverters adopt the latest technologies combination of T type three level topology and SVPWM, provide flexible system configuration and monitoring solutions for household, commercial and power plant systems.


* Dual MPPTs work independently and allow unbalanced input power. One MPPT maximum input is up to 60% of Max.DC power.
 * High efficiency and stable performance at entire input voltage and output power range.
 * Max. efficiency is up to 98.6%.
 * Wide input voltage range gives more possibilities for accepting different string configuration and different type of PV modules.
 * Bus capacitors consist of advanced film capacitors, designed with the latest thermal simulation technology for longer lifespan.





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