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Product Strategy of INVT in the Post-subsidy Era

  On June 12, the new energy vehicle subsidized new policy in 2018, and the pressure brought by the reduction of subsidies has gradually penetrated into every link of the new energy automobile industry chain. The industry reshuffle has begun. By 2020, after the subsidies have completely fallen, the international giants will officially debut, and the market structure will undergo a deeper level of change. Domestic companies must seize the little time to grow themselves.

  In the field of motor controllers, what is the gap between domestic companies and international giants? In the face of the status quo, what kind of layout is the domestic leading enterprise? The electric vehicle resource network interviewed Invt Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Yu Lingfei, the development manager of the passenger cars, discussed with the senior developer who was born in the international giant.

  The status quo of domestic motor controller enterprises: the core components are basically rely on imports

  INVT Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(referred to as "INVT") is the first echelon enterprise of domestic motor controllers, mainly engaged in research and development and production of new energy vehicle motor controllers, auxiliary controllers, DC-DC converters, motors, car chargers, ground charging piles/chargers, etc. The vehicle electronic control system has high control efficiency, safety and reliability, and has been widely recognized in the market. Beginning in 2017, INVT officially began research and development of passenger car electronic control systems.

  Yu Lingfei has the experience of returning from a foreign company, so he has a profound experience of the differences between the domestic and international industrial environment. He said that compared with international giants; there are still some gaps in domestic electronic control manufacturers. In Yu Lingfei's view, the biggest gap lies in the research and development awareness of the entire industry. Large foreign companies are developing the next generation products three to five years ahead of schedule. They are very forward-looking and use one generation and pre-research ones. However, domestic technology accumulation in this area is relatively insufficient, and investment in more advanced products is less.

  IFL series: benchmarking the international leader to create the milestone of INVT

  Just because of these gaps, Yu Lingfei has a sense of urgency in the face of the upcoming impact of 2020. When INVT starts the research and development of passenger car electronic control products, it is promoted from the personnel, the program and the system to the international leading standards. The core R&D personnel are all senior talents introduced from abroad. This high starting point has brought high returns. At the end of 2017, INVT launched the IFL series of new energy passenger car motor controllers that are milestone for the company.

  IFL100 series stand-alone controller

  IFL series products include single-chip and motor, electronic control, reducer three-in-one powertrain program, and have reached cooperation with many domestic automakers, Zotye Auto, Hanteng Auto, Geely, Borgward, Always Auto and other vehicles. The new models equipped with IFL series products will be mass-produced from the second half of the year to 2020.

  Preparing for 2020, welcoming the giants with high-standard products

  Yu Lingfei disclosed to the electric vehicle resource network reporter the planning of the electronic control products of the INVT new energy passenger car. It is understood that this year, INVT's stand-alone products will be mass-produced. In 2019 and 2020, the three-in-one products of the A-class powertrain will be mass-produced. In addition, in 2019, INVT will start the development of the three-in-one powertrain product of the A0 class. After 2020, the company will be involved in the development of electric power steering (EPS) products, and its product safety level will reach ASIL-D.

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