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Will photovoltaic power be insufficient in the cold winter

  Recently, due to the cold air of cold wave level, from north to south, low temperature weather has covered almost all parts of the country. "Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, the thousand trees and pears bloom," "the rain and the sky are cold," and the rain and snow weather in the north and south, opened the "super cold mode" of this cooling weather.

  For users who have installed photovoltaic power generation systems, many people can't help but worry about the lack of power in such a cold winter.

  INVT’s answer

  Factors that directly affect the power generation of photovoltaic power plants include solar energy resources, PV module installation form, inverter capacity, PV module configuration, PV module blocking, PV module temperature characteristics, PV module power attenuation, device operation and maintenance stability, routine maintenance, and grid consumption. These factors affect the power generation of the power station to varying degrees. Some of these factors are controllable, such as dust blocking, weed blocking, and device downtime. Through regular cleaning and weeding, the loss caused by dust and weed blocking can be solved. By quickly eliminating the fault, the loss caused by device failure can be reduced, thereby increasing the power generation of the power station.

  Temperature has little effect on power generation, and the factors directly affecting power generation are solar radiation intensity, sunshine duration, and operating temperature of PV modules. In winter, the intensity of irradiation is weak, and the sunshine duration is short, so the power generation is less than that in summer, which is also a normal phenomenon. But as long as the grid has electricity, there will be no shortage of power and power outages.

  Therefore, users who have this doubt do not need to worry about it. We can use electricity safely in the winter, but should pay attention to the maintenance of power generation system. One is to clean up dust and deposits. The second is to clean up the snow, because the PV module has a certain load-bearing range. The cleaning process should be protected from damage to the surface of the PV modules. In addition, remember to wear warmth.

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