An 8MW Solar Project: INVTSolar  Facilitates Haier to Build a Green Eco-Park
April 2023, The Haier Group's 8.0358MW large-scale commercial solar power plant was successfully connected to the grid. The project is located in the Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park in Qingdao, China. Seventy XG100KTR on-grid solar inverters from INVTSolar were installed in the project, which efficiently helped to build a Net-Zero Eco-Park for Haier.
Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park is a significant central air conditioner, drum washing machine, refrigerator, and water heater manufacturing park of Haier Group.
Integrating the concept of green and ecology, low carbon and low energy consumption are fully considered from the design, construction to operation of the park. Green building materials are used to construct the plant, and most of the fossil energy is replaced by photovoltaic and wind power systems, and the new energy source supply mode of "Self-consumption in priority, the surplus fed into the local grid" is adopted to reduce environmental pollution and increase the green revenue. The completion and operation of the power station will further empower the park to save energy costs and reduce consumption and help the park achieve green-cycle development.
The INVTSolar XG100-136kW on-grid inverter used in the project has been widely used in medium and large-scale solar power plants in a variety of industries worldwide. It has won favorable feedback from customers. The high efficiency, stability, high protection, convenient and smart operation & maintenance will benefit our customers.

Green Output (Annual Estimates) of the 8.0358MW solar power plant;

Power generation: 9.012 million kWh

Saving standard coals: 3604.9 tons

SO2 emission reduction: 270.4 tons

CO2 emission reduction: 8985.3 tons