Intelligent O&M
On the basis of system safety, through automatic supervision system (including early warning, error reporting, fault handling, power generation analysis, equipment comprehensive analysis, operation analysis, comparison of multi-power stations, solar energy resources analysis function, etc.), the goal of preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance and periodic equipment performance testing can be realized. Scientific and reasonable management of the power plant can ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the entire photovoltaic power generation system.
• Intelligence: using many kinds of equipment to carry out the operation mode of no one or few people, and the operation of intelligent detection system.
• High efficiency: reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve efficiency of solar energy resources utilization.
Our Solution
Solar energy residential system refers to placing photovoltaic panels on the top floor or courtyard of a family house,
using small power inverter for energy conversion and direct use of the new energy. The excess electricity can be incorporated into the grid.
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