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The product range of INVT Solar includes the grid-connected inverter (1-136kW), the off-grid inverter (3-5KW), the energy storage inverter(3-630KW), pump inverter,
the light storage solution, the intelligent family energy ecological chain.
MG 1-3kW
Single-phase On-grid Solar Inverter
MG 4-5kW
Single-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
MG 3-6kW-2M
Single-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
Inverter Logger
MG 3kW-Plus
Single-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
MG 3-6kW-2M-Plus
Single-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
XG 15-25kW
Three-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
XG 25-40kW
Three-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
XG 50-70kW
Three-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
XG 100-136kW
Three-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter
BD 3-6kW-RL1
Single-phase Hybrid Solar Inverter
BD 5-8kW-RLN
Single-phase Hybrid Inverter(America)
Give full play to the advantages of the pilot, will promote the application of photovoltaic and beautiful rural, modern
Generally used in public buildings, commercial building roofs, installed capacity is between 20-6000KW, 380V/10KV voltage
Home Smart Energy
According to the household electricity consumption characteristics and habits, combined with the integrated system of light-storage-charge, the energy management system is used
Intelligent O&M
Intelligence: using many kinds of equipment to carry out the operation mode of no one or few people, and the operation of intelligent detection system.
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