INVTSolar Wins Annual Influential PV Inverter Company Award
With its strong R&D and innovation strength, and outstanding products & services, INVTSolar was recognized as the "Annual Influential PV Inverter Company" award at the “Solarbe Award” ceremony 2023 hosted by Solarbe recently in Suzhou, China.
"Solarbe Award" is one of the most authoritative and highly regarded awards in the photovoltaic industry, with hundreds of photovoltaic companies applying to compete every year, and its core selection basis is the company's comprehensive strength, core product quality/volume, and brand influence. INVTSolar as a PV inverter manufacturer has won this award for two consecutive years fully reflects the company's professional strength and strong brand influence in the photovoltaic industry.
A successful company produces high-quality products and services, which in turn leads to the creation of strong brands.
INVTSolar is a professional solar inverter supplier that has relied on INVT's R&D platform resources and 22 years of technological experience to promote innovative applications and integration of PV and energy storage. The company has an extensive range of products that include on grid inverters, energy storage inverters, energy storage batteries, smart chargers, off-grid inverters, and all-scenario photovoltaic and energy storage solutions for households, industrial and commercial scenarios. INVTSolar's products have undergone certification and testing by global authoritative organizations such as CQC, TÜV, and ITS, and have been extensively used in the global market, and well-received globally by both local and foreign customers.
INVTSolar harvested its first crop in 2024 and remains dedicated to providing high-quality invt solar inverter for global development.