INVTSolar XG110KTR Inverters Driving A Textile Company Toward Energy Transition
DONGTAI LANSHUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “LANSHUN”) is a textile company located in Jiangsu, China, which is also a heavy consumer of electricity. To further enhance efficiency, reduce energy costs, and transition to clean energy, LANSHUN has the advantage of the large area of idle rooftops to build a 4MW solar power plant by partnering with a solar power plant investor, with benefits including discounted electricity tariffs, consumptive power. The solar project is equipped with 36 sets of INVTSolar XG110KTR three-phase on-grid inverters, which power the solar power plant to generate efficiently.
XG110KTR three-phase on-grid inverter is specially developed for commercial and industrial installations, supporting multiple smart protection functions such as IP66 protection, DC & AC Type II SPD, intelligent I-V Curve diagnosis, etc., to ensure long-term safe and stable operation. It adopts 10 MPP Trackers, a wide voltage range, adaptable to high-power modules, and the maximum efficiency reaches 98.7%, which actively improves power generation and revenue for the company’s long-term growth.
The solar power was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation in February 2023 and has been running efficiently and stably for six months. It adopts the mode of self-generation and self-consumption, and the surplus power is fed into the Grid, with an average annual power generation capacity of over 4.8 million kWh. That is equivalent to an annual saving standard coal of 1934.4 tons, SO2 emission reduction of 145.1 tons, and CO2 emission reduction of 4,821.6 tons, which will help LANSHUN achieve a new stage of green and high-quality development.
During the daytime, LANSHUN consumes a lot of electricity. The solar power plant generates most of the electricity, which is fed back to the company for discounted tariffs. This helps the company save hundreds of thousands of yuan in electricity costs every year, and provides stable profits for the partners, resulting in a win-win situation for both the company and the investor.
In the low-carbon era, a simple yet effective solution for companies to facilitate the reduction of carbon emissions is to install solar power plants on their idle rooftops. INVTSolar, a well-established and professional manufacturer of solar inverters, is dedicated to providing high-quality inverters to households worldwide and contributes to promoting global low-carbon green development.