INVTSolar  Illuminates KEY Energy 2024 with Innovative Products
INVTSolar and its Italian strategic partner, Skyworth METZ, showcased their latest energy storage products and solutions at the KEY Energy 2024 in Rimini, Italy.
INVTSolar responded to the high demand for household energy storage in Italy by introducing a range of products including the XD3-6KTL single-phase hybrid solar inverter, XD5-12KTR 3 phase hybrid inverter, HV and LV lithium batteries for energy storage, and the XD3-6KTL-AIO single-phase all-in-one energy storage system, among other popular residential solar inverter options.
These products offer high efficiency, flexible adaptation, safety, and smart O&M. They can help Italian households achieve self-sufficiency in power generation, reduce electricity costs, and access green and intelligent energy sources.
In addition, our hot-selling product XG50-136KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverter was also showcased at the booth. This product has gained wide usage in medium and large-scale industrial and commercial solar power stations, powering the stations to generate electricity with high efficiency.
This exhibition has given us a better understanding of the European PV and energy storage market's development trends and the needs of our customers. It has also helped us connect with potential partners, which will help us achieve higher goals in the global market. Overall, it was a valuable experience that will assist us in building a strong foundation for success.