INVTSolar  Boosts A Public Institution's 1.6MW PV Project to Set Sail with High Efficiency
In early 2023, the government of Yidu, China collaborated with local energy companies to make energy-saving upgrades to the local Convention and Exhibition Center. They used an energy trust solution and installed a 1.6MW solar power station on the center complex's rooftop. It’s helped to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.
The project is the first energy-saving transformation for public institutions in the city. It will be a green and low-carbon demonstration solar project for Yidu City. To ensure the power generation quality of the project, the investor carried out multiple evaluations of the inverters' safety and power generation performance during the inverter selection process. They considered the characteristics of the convention and exhibition buildings with high traffic flow and high energy-carrying capacity. Finally, INVTSolar was selected as the solar inverter suppliers. The station was commissioned with 13 sets of XG100KTR, 5 sets of XG50KTR, and 1 set of XG60KTR commercial inverters.
XG series three-phase commercial solar inverter is specially developed for industrial and commercial solar power stations, supporting multiple intelligent protection functions such as IP66 protection, DC&AC Type II SPD, intelligent I-V diagnosis, AFCI optional, etc. It features a multiple MPP Trackers design, perfectly compatible with mainstream PV modules, with a maximum 160% DC oversizing, and high power generation capacity, which can bring higher power generation revenue for the investor.
The power station was successfully connected to the grid and commissioned in May 2023 and has been running efficiently and stably for 10 months. The station adopts the mode of self-generation and self-consumption, and the surplus power is fed into the Grid. It generates 1,421,000 kWh of power per year, saving 568.4 tons of coal, and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 42.6 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 1416.8 tons annually.